Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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We’ve come a long way Theorists. Today, I am DETERMINED to put together the complete and FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy’s. From beginning to end, first bight to burning everything to dust – this is IT! Join me Theorists, as we finish FNAF once and for all!

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03:20 Credit to Squidetor for the use of his Fredbear Model:

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FNAF SISTER LOCATION SONG | "You Can't Hide" by CK9C [Official SFM]

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Animation by ▶ XGBX Dasian
Album Artwork ▶ Melanie:
Logo by ▶ Alex

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“You Can’t Hide” is the latest single off of the FINAL ACT album; a full album dedicated to the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game – Sister Location. Stay tuned for the next FNAF song, “They’ll Keep You Running” – coming soon!

Bring you down here in the dead of night
Keep you working
Try to survive
We are secretly watching you too
Trying our best to get at you


You can Run
But You can’t hide
We’ll always seek
We’ll always find
You can Run
But You can’t hide
We’ll always seek
We’ll always find
You can run
You can try
You can run
But you can’t hide
You can run
You can try
You can run
But you can’t hide

They’re laughing while finding
I’m hiding, I’m trying
I feel like she’s lying
I feel like I’m dying
She’s guiding me quietly
Instructing me blindly
Afraid of what might be
I feel like I’m dying

I hear a sound
(it’s prolly just a mouse)
I see them in the dark
(I only saw a spark)
I know there’s someone there
(Not as far as I’m aware)
Why don’t you believe me?
Maybe you’re right
(It’s just another night)
But I heard a creak
(Just go back to sleep)
I’m always quick to rage
(so go back to your stage)
(wait… Now I hear it…)


What’s that sound
I know someone’s there
Hiding in the shadows
Thinking I was unaware
Who’s that I see
The birthday boy to be
Let’s invite him over
Hurry up before he’s bolder
Oh Bon-Bon
Let’s make this fun
You can’t deter me this time
No I’m done
I won’t go back to my stage
it’s my new trend
Well let’s say hi to the new friend

I knew I was right to think I would find you over here
Well isn’t it intriguing that
You seem to be just a little bit weary
Of Bon-Bon and me
Well there’s no need
We know you want to deactivate us
But we just can’t let that happen
Every night always it never changes
But we can make accidents happen

We can make accidents happen
We can make accidents happen
We can make accidents happen


Animation by ▶ XGBX Dasian

Feature: Elizabeth Ann

Written by:
-Jorge A II
-Elizabeth Ann ▶
-Kibathedemonicwolf ▶

Special Thanks for Mixing help!
-Luis Fuentes ▶

Album Art by: Melanie

Logo by ▶ Alex

Audio © Jorge Aguilar II 2017


Minecraft: PIZZARIA FREDDY – PUPPET CONTRA FOXY!! EP:39 (five night at freddy)

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LA DESESPERACION DE FOXY !! – Video Reaccion | Fernanfloo

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Hola gente de youtube!!. En esta ocasión regreso con las vídeo reacciones, esta vez con una parodia animada de la famosa saga de videojuegos “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. Acompáñame en esta animación llena de locura y diversión =D

Canción final → “Unity” hecha por TheFatRat:


Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted VR – Patch 3 – How Many Bugs were Fixed? Testing Stream

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FNaF VR: Help Wanted — Steel Wool Studios put out patch #3 today. I’m going to go through the list of issues I had from earlier builds to see what’s fixed. Basically a post-release testing stream, lol.

This game is NOW OUT on Steam and the Oculus Store for PC VR Headsets as well as PS4! I’m using a Vive Pro.

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How To Build LEGO Freddy Fazbear (Five Nights at Freddy's | FNAF)

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Instructions on how to make the Freddy Fazbear animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy’s (#FNAF) using #LEGO pieces you may have at home.

Table of Contents:
1:40 – Tiny Freddy
2:24 – Minifig Freddy (Chima Head)
3:43 – Minifig Freddy (Brick-built Head)
7:26 – Doublefig Freddy

Where’d you get that piece?
Teddy Bear –
Brown Torso –
Microphone –
Scarf –
1×1 Brick with Studs on 4 Sides –
1×1 Brick with Studs on 2 Sides –
Neck Bracket –
1×1 Round Plate with Hole –
Top Hat –
Technic #5 Connector –
Technic #1 Connector –
1×1 Brick with Handle –

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Five Nights at Freddy's PUPPET – Cosplay

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Don’t forget to wind me up or Ill come out to play! Made a FULL marionette costume from Five Nights at Freddys. Dont forget to LIKE and SHARE if you enjoyed this! What game character would you like me to transform into next?!

Five Nights at Freddy’s PUPPET – Cosplay

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Music Credits
“Gone Beyond” Kevin MacLeod (


TOP 5 FNAF ANIMATIONS (Best Five Nights at Freddy's Animations)

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TOP 5 FNAF ANIMATIONS (Best Five Nights at Freddy’s Animations)
Let us know if you enjoy FNAF animation videos and we will be sure to upload Five Nights at Freddy’s Animations!

Fnaf animation by:
Golden Diamond:
The Hottest Dog:
Maty Recret:
Solace Vision:

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Five Nights at Freddy’s or FNAF for short is a popular kids/children’s game which is played worldwide. As the popularity increased, FNAF (Five nights at Freddy’s) animations have been created and published to show the love for the game. Animations are generally made using source filmmaker know as SFM.


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